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DDLC - Write Me An Ending: Retrospective/Making Of
WARNING: Doki Doki Literature Club Spoilers!

DDLC: Write Me An Ending *LIVE*, Retrospective and Making Of...

On February 23rd, 2018, about 24-28 viewers tuned in to what was supposed to be a simple comedic playthrough of a modded Doki Doki Literature Club game. What they got was a little more than they bargained for: fake blood shooting through the screen, rearranged scenes involving Monika, and more. The stream went over pretty well, and you can briefly watch an archived version of here until March 9, 2018.
With that, I'd like to talk about what led to this stream, what went into it, and what I plan to fix in the future.
What led to DDLC: Write Me An Ending...

I've been pretty low-key on my like of DDLC. My blind reaction was essentially, "Yeah, I know where this is going, but it's cool anyway." I'm a fan of the wave of post-modern games that have been coming ou
:iconspaztique:Spaztique 2 3
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Walfas Tutorial ~ Proper Frame Panel Tutorial by gervin51 Walfas Tutorial ~ Proper Frame Panel Tutorial :icongervin51:gervin51 13 0 Rumia's order by dihaiqal
Mature content
Rumia's order :icondihaiqal:dihaiqal 19 8
Shining Needle Castle - Hallway (Create.swf BG) by Feraligono Shining Needle Castle - Hallway (Create.swf BG) :iconferaligono:Feraligono 21 3 Touhou characters by Hat-Warrior-999 Touhou characters :iconhat-warrior-999:Hat-Warrior-999 37 10 Hunt Down the Youkai by ORT451 Hunt Down the Youkai :iconort451:ORT451 10 5 Realistic by Darkstar-001 Realistic :icondarkstar-001:Darkstar-001 27 11
A Thing on Glory and Fame: A Small Rant
So for a bit, I've been hearing/getting messages about how "I'm only in it for the fame and glory" and things like that when it comes to what I do. Which you all know, I make SFM posters when the ideas are hot on my mind.
I would like to open up and say that, I have never thought about the glory, the fame, or anything close to that when it comes to SFM. You do not have to believe me when I say it, to each their own accord. But, I make SFM posters because it's something I love doing. It helps take my mind off of the negativity and it's fun as hell being able to share my ideas. Also, it helps distract me from my own negative thoughts.
Yeah, I know that I've been using SFM for like. . . Two years now? Can't recall, honestly. But, I really only started getting heavily into advanced lighting as of recently. Being a slow learner sucks. I already know that I have a long way to go before I can be considered "good". And I will do my best to improve every bit I can, even if it's ju
:iconuniwaifu:UniWaifu 2 15
New Video: Admirer (Full) by Reimu-and-Cirno New Video: Admirer (Full) :iconreimu-and-cirno:Reimu-and-Cirno 15 16 Sunflower Set by Reimu-and-Cirno Sunflower Set :iconreimu-and-cirno:Reimu-and-Cirno 16 5 Reimu Back w/o hands by Makise-Homura Reimu Back w/o hands :iconmakise-homura:Makise-Homura 2 3 Village by Makise-Homura Village :iconmakise-homura:Makise-Homura 3 0
Tewi Inaba Edition: Done!
Time for Tewi to rek everyone!
:iconstevosstuff:StevosStuff 6 5
Pretty Pretty Contagion: Insurgency by Cryotic762
Mature content
Pretty Pretty Contagion: Insurgency :iconcryotic762:Cryotic762 7 3
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So, I predicted earlier this year that we might be seeing a huge leap in Walfas comic production standards and techniques. Halfway through the year, that prediction is beginning to come true.

We are slowly working our way from "frame-by-frame medium shots of characters on a static background" and are working towards full-page comics with dynamic backgrounds. Although I'm still nowhere near done with Wrath of the Amanojaku, the future of full-page comics is already here, and the results look dang good!

As you saw in my previous status post, I talked about TheCurseWatcher's The Little Devil's Rock. Well, let's go a little more in-depth into its style and editing.

The Little Devil's Rock - 002 by TheCurseWatcher

Right out the gate, we have full-page editing, camera angles, over-the-shoulder shots, lighting, everything! And let's get to the fight scenes:

The Little Devil's Rock - 015 by TheCurseWatcher

What's this? Actual danmaku battles?! In a Touhou fic?! I know this sounds odd, but we seriously need more dynamic fight scenes like these ones! For once, we have someone who's actually making legit Touhou-style combat instead: minimal dialogue, the fights do all the talking themselves, and plenty of sweet, sweet bullet hell. If you haven't read it in full, you should totally check out The Little Devil's Rock: it's raising the bar on how we do Walfas comics.

But Curse isn't the only one taking the leap into full-page comics. Here's a sample from Unknown-Nobody-XD115's The Unknown Saga, edited in ComiPo, the program I'm currently using (and used for the Twilight of the Hakurei Reboot).

The Unknown Saga Page 002 by Unknown-Nobody-XD115

Once again, camera angles, lighting effects, shadows, the whole nine yards!

And there's more: even gervin51 is joining in on the new format:

[Walfas] 4koma ~ Where did you come from?! by gervin51

[Walfas] ~ Am I being underestimated? by gervin51

And not only that, he left a nifty tutorial so even you can join in on this new format: Walfas Tutorial ~ Proper Frame Panel Tutorial.

And let's not forget our favorite French party animal Hat-Warrior-999, memeing it up with this:

Touhou characters by Hat-Warrior-999

And, of course, here's my contribution to the full-page revolution: one of the first Walfas comics uploaded in .pdf format:

Twilight of the Hakurei 2018 Trailer by Spaztique

And although it's still in production, let's not forget: the DitR-killer itself, mother-friggin' Wrath of the Amanojaku... (And to all you Starcraft 2 fans out there, this is for you.)

WotaCh8FireandFireWIP 029 by Spaztique

WotaCh8FireAndFury by Spaztique

Edit: And now that ORT451 mentions it, here's him throwing his hat into the ring!
4koma: The Most Magical of Days by ORT451

But of course, even if your comic isn't in the new format, let's not forget that even the frame-by-frame comics have been evolving as well. Take a look at the complexity of the shots from the following artists:

From the classic TobiObito4ever, just look at the ridiculous level of detail of all of the props she uses:

Vinekoma- The Stuff of Nightmares by TobiObito4ever

Or how about awesomedude2011's 1-to-1 3d scale of Utsuho's Spell Card Attack?

Blazing star ''Fixed Star'' by awesomedude2011

Or heck, look at Hat's other props and the promo alone for 'em!

More cupcakes (props) by Hat-Warrior-999

And let's not forget, essentially one of the greatest custom sprite walfas animators, JaphethStuff.

Walfas - Just Donate by JaphethStuff

And check out Japheth's videos to see just how many customs he's got!

And one more from ORT451 (and check the link in the description to compare it to the 2013 version):

[Redo] Thief: The Touhou Project by ORT451

2018 is turning out to be a good year for Walfas, at least in terms of technological leaps. Walfas is evolving, and if you don't catch up, you might be left in the dust. But no worries: here's a resource kit I posted to help you get started!

If you got any more commendations for folks you think are raising the Walfas community's standards, post 'em below! These folks could use a little more recognition for their efforts in expanding our works.

Despite all the hardships and drama we've faced over the years, I'm still proud of all of you for keeping our community not only together, but growing and thriving. I believe Reimu can sum it up for us:

WotaCh8PreviewBetter by Spaztique
I want to put this in writing for some ethics-related things I want to do for Wrath of the Amanojaku:
1. I will discourage my friends and close aquaintances from leaving reviews on the final comic: they will get a seperate review page for the preview version, and if they absolutely insist on going in blind, I still only want to count their review as a promo-level review. The measure of a comic’s quality (or really any work’s quality) has to do with the audience at large, not the writer’s friends. Sure, having your friends like your work is nice, but if you want to shoot for the stars, the goal should be a mainstream audience. The work itself should influence the review, never the relationship with the writer.
2. I will be careful to seperate commisions and friend’s fanart from legit fanart by strangers. Yes, I will need some commision art to promote the work before it’s official release, but once it’s out, I will be very clear which works are ones made by my friends, ones me or my friends asked for, and which ones were made by legit fans.
3. Negative reviews are highly encouraged in a retaliation-free environment: especially since I plan to make updates to the comic yearly to reflect the bad reviews. So, if somebody writes a bad review (and I mean a legit critical review, not one based on personal attacks, warped views of the comic’s true intentions, or just outright trolling), and you happen to disagree with it, I will stand by the bad reviewer. People should feel perfectly comfortable leaving negative critiques without feeling like the author or their fans will go after them.
4. To avoid what happened with DitR and its derivative works, I will highly encourage people to not copy WotA’s headcanon. What makes every Touhou fanfic writer unique is their own take on the Touhou universe: it is perfectly okay to write light Touhou fics, dark Touhou fics, funny ones, serious ones, and so on, and at the end of the day, my works should have no influence on that decision. I will put it in big bold letters that WotA is a fan work, it’s not canon, and treating it as such is discouraged. Besides, I know there’ll be some jackasses out there who will write their own anti-Seija hatefics based on this story, just as people wrote anti-Yukari/anti-Gensokyo hatefics after DitR, so putting this warning at the front of the comic should hopefully deter that (if only slightly).

WotA doesn’t just need to raise the bar for Walfas comics, but ethical promotional practices. I will do what I can to make sure I don’t break any of these. 
I’d like to give a shout-out to TheCurseWatcher for his kickass series The Little Devil’s Rock. The editing alone raises the bar on Walfas comics, the spritework is lightyears beyond most comics, the effects are groundbreaking, and the story itself backs up the great visuals, concerning Flandre’s sorrow over being trapped in the Scarlet Devil Mansion and the coming of a mysterious golem to complicate things further. It’s got a nice mix of hard-hitting action scenes, sight gags, and moments that make Flandre a sympathetic character.

It’s currently mid-chapter 2, so go catch up to it! More walfas comics need to strive to match this level of awesomeness!

(Note to self: start a weekly spotlight thingy again.)
So, I just rewatched Diamond In The Rough in its entirety, and I still love every second of it.

Even after all I've been through, after all the bullshit theories about what it's supposedly "really" about ("Spaz hates OCs!" "Spaz hates Touhou!" "It's based on Spaz's obsession with a troll who didn't exist at the time most of it was written!" "Spaz only wants people to write the way he wants people to write!"), after having a falling-out with the folks who helped bring DitR to life (mostly thanks to them believing the above rumors, despite literally co-writing it with me), I still find DitR thoroughly enjoyable. (Which debunks yet another theory: that I supposedly "hate" DitR. If I hated DitR, I wouldn’t defend it like I do, nor would I get so pissed off when people warp its context to mean something I never intended.)

It's a story all about making fun of self-insert fic cliches and diving into a dark version of Gensokyo where God Mode Stus have been weaponized to control Gensokyo's balance. Taken as a straight Touhou fic, it's hit-or-miss, love-or-hate: you'll either see it as a nightmarish descent into Gensokyo's dark side, or a confusing grimderp pile of bullshit and bathos. But taken as it's intended, a metafiction about how we write and treat OCs, OC fiction, and the like, it's a fun experience.

However, thanks to the original crew believing the above rumors, there can be no more DitR, but that's okay: the end of DitR has paved the way for a new, even better project, and one that will hopefully be a better representation of Touhou as a series than DitR, a story mainly meant for Touhou fanfic writers, ever was. Besides, it's 2018: making fun of gappy fics has become a dead horse cliche. DitR set out to kill the gappy trope, and by the looks of it, it's pretty much succeeded. At what cost and to what end, I'm still not entirely sure, but I plan to amend that with my current project. Either way, there's no point in writing any more DitR-related materials: the series accomplished what it set out to do. (And yeah, I know originally it was going to be a fully-cut 4-hour movie, but it's too late to do that, so we'll just settle with the Youtube-cut series version. Besides, it's easier to watch that way, cut in 10-minute segments.)

DitR is a troubling story with an even more troubling behind-the-scenes story. Even back as I made it, I nicknamed its production, "The Apocalypse Now of Touhou fanfics." But in the end, even though it has its critics, even though people complain about how confusing it is or how much it indulges in Touhou fanfic metafiction, it warms my heart to know many people still consider it a classic all the way in 2018, still leaving comments on the videos, still discussing it. If feeling proud for having the confidence to follow through on my story makes me "full of myself," then I guess I am, along with everyone else who ever finishes the long and arduous journey of writing a story they believe in.

Even now, I am still proud of Diamond In The Rough. It may have been a journey full of regrets and heartache, but finishing that story and sharing it with everyone is something I will never regret.

And if you're a writer, whether it's fanfiction or original, let me be one of the few to cheer you on as you write. The journey is hard, people will tell you to give up, people will tell you you're full of yourself if you're ever proud of your accomplishments, they'll tell you that nobody becomes successful without turning on their friends, but I'll be here to tell you none of that is true: find friends who will support your writing journey, especially after you finish, because the friends who stick around after you're successful are your true friends. To all writers out there: be proud of your accomplishments, and don't let anybody make you invalidate your own success for their approval! You are free to write what you want, how you want, and find your own success!

And with that, I take everything I learned from DitR's journey, and I now apply it to Wrath of the Amanojaku...


Spaztique's Profile Picture
David Z.
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
Project updates, personal news, and daily advice (unless I'm sick or something comes up) can be found on my Tumblr blog.

I'm an writer, musician, tutor, animator, voice actor, artist, quasi-life coach, and generally nice guy.

I make satirical comics, animated comedy videos, and tons of guides on everything from writing to psychology. I specialize in prefab programs like Garry's Mod, Walfas, MMD, ComiPo, and so on. I mainly use them as outlets for my writing.

I'm a huge Touhou fan (as you might tell by half the content on my page) and own virtually all of the games (yes, I do play the games), and although I'm pretty knowledgeable about the series, I'm not the "end-all-be-all authority" on Touhou: all of my knowledge comes from Touhou Wiki and the guidebooks. I tend to be vocal about emphasizing good ol' vanilla content, but I still think you're free to do what you want. (I will warn you that non-vanilla content has always been hard, no matter the series.)

As much as I like making stuff, my goal is to help other people make stuff. I do my best to help people hold higher standards for themselves both online and offline. In addition to all of my writing and Walfas guides, I also write tons of psychology/self-help guides based on stuff that's help me and others. Again, I'm no expert: I just really like sharing ideas I think others would find useful.

One of my big goals is to help improve both the Walfas community and its public image within the Touhou community. We've already come a long way from the early days in 2008, and it's already gotten to a point where the Walfas community has been invited to speak at multiple anime conventions. My hope is to continue I raising the community's standards higher so that Walfas becomes even more widely accepted among Western Touhou fandom.

If you meet me, please don't treat me like some superstar or infallible god: I just make the stuff I make as a hobby, and all I really want is to fit in, help people out, and have fun. If you hang out in the Walfas community long enough, you will encounter me, and you'll find I'm just an ordinary guy behind the insanely high production values and personal standards. I'm not omnipotent, so don't treat me as such (it never ends well for anybody). Treat me as you would treat your friends. (Or, if you're socially awkward, treat your friends as you would treat me.)

You may use any of my original characters or my DNA in any of your projects without my permission unless I explicitly say, "Don't do that." Of course, this is extremely rare, so go ahead and use them. All of my OC DNAs are in this thread, but my most used DNAs are down below.

I have a very, VERY sarcastic sense of humor, but if I include you as a cameo, it's because I admire you or your work, so any off-color jokes I make are only out of good fun. (In real life, I actually avoid being a smartass because it's actually quite harmful to both the self and others. I believe it should only be reserved for writing satires because it's a powerful tool for getting points across.)

I am also very, VERY critical: I have absurdly high standards for art of all mediums, but not to be a jerk, but because I think everyone has more potential than they think. We're all prone to mistakes (even me), but some do more than others, and I want to help them become the best whatever they can be. My biggest lesson to everyone is this: you are better than you think you are, always.

Character DNA:
:bulletblue: Spaztique - 3.39:Spaz:100:225:134:216:209:2:0:0:0:136:0:42250D

:bulletgreen: Bunny - 3.39:bunny:100:0:226:302:116:8:0:0:0:0:0:654E3D
:bulletgreen: FClown - FClown: 3.39:fclown:100:0:164:279:209:3:4:4:0:0:0:654E3D

:bulletred: Chouko Sora - 3.39:Chouko:94:0:160:237:177:41:0:50:0:0:0:624314
:bulletred: Nadia Su - 3.39:Nadia:72:265:133:287:150:3:93:10:0:0:0:FE3B53
:bulletred: Trevor Terry Chase - 3.39:Chase:72:0:128:148:226:49:0:68:0:0:0:352F12
:bulletred: Jack Diehard - 3.39:Jack:108:0:170:235:211:3:31:10:0:0:0:FFE953
:bulletred: Maxamillion Jazzhands - 3.39:Jazzhands:100:221:170:197:120:25:0:0:0:141:0:41342B
:bulletred: Pretty Pretty Pony - 3.39:gwllllkkkk!!!:100:274:217:302:199:114:96:84:0:0:0:24A3E1

:bulletblue: Advice-A-Day (Ongoing)
:bulletblue: Ao Usagi Tribute Show - Season 1
:bulletblue: The Shin(g)o Incident (co-written by TTBNC)
:bulletblue: Walfas Satire (ongoing)
:bulletblue: Diamond In The Rough: A Self-Insert Deconstruction (co-written by BrolliDiamondback and the Walfas/Touhou community at large)
:bulletblue: Unleash The Hermit Within

Production Status:
:bulletred: On haitus till further notice.

:bulletgreen: Voidspawn (75% complete)
:bulletgreen: Flight of the Steel Butterfly (35% complete)
:bulletgreen: Walfas Satire: The Movie: The Comic! (40% complete)
:bulletgreen: Legend of Derp (co-written by TTBNC, unknown status)
:bulletgreen: Diamond In The Rough: After Story (Drafting)

Guides (Worked on sporadically, uploaded randomly):
:bulletgreen: Guide to Criticism
:bulletgreen: More Story Shapes - Advanced Story Shapes

To Come...
:bulletyellow: Ao Usagi Tribute Show Season 2
:bulletyellow: Koishi's Heart-Throbbing Abridgement
:bulletyellow: Mind The Gap
:bulletyellow: Durer's Rhinoceros: Experiments in Blind Fics.

In Development Hell:
:bulletred: Five Dangerous Months At The Hinata Inn
:bulletred: Tablegeddon

Scrapped Projects
:bulletblack: DitR Sequel/DitR After Story

Journal History

With WotA nearing the 80% written mark, assuming I get it done on time, what bonus/After-Story comic do you wanna see? 

24 deviants said Making Of Featurette - A faux documentary of the making of WotA, with the actors giving behind-the-scenes interviews, b-roll footage of on-set shooting, and other trivia facts like how the actress for Seija is classically trained.
15 deviants said Seija's Side of the Story - A running commentary of WotA by Seija, followed by an adaptation that depicts Seija as the hero and everyone else as bloodthirsty villains.
14 deviants said Alternative Facts of Eastern Utopia Adaptation - Follows Aya after the events of WotA as she uses her newfound press to make a tabloid, only to learn a lesson about the dangers of fake news.
6 deviants said Escape of the Amanojaku - Going a bit off the rails, Seija is given to Rikako for research, being the only amanojaku ever captured. However, using trickery and mindgames, Seija plans her escape. This would be portrayed as a horror story.


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4. Even if the above weren’t the case, I’d rather do it with somebody I already know.

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