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November 12, 2012
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Spaztique's Guide to Touhou OC Creation by Spaztique Spaztique's Guide to Touhou OC Creation by Spaztique
Note: There's a couple of misspellings, but I'm too tired to fix them tonight. I'll get to work on them tomorrow.

It's another illustrated guide I made in between all of my classes (if my laptop screen had a higher resolution, I would be making DitR at school, but I don't, so I can't).

Also check out ~Kigurou-Enkou's follow-up guide regarding proper use of backstory: [link]
And check out this awesome guide by ~Rumiflan regarding relatives of characters: [link]

OC concepts not addressed in the comic (more added based on your comments):
-Once you understand the logic behind these principles, you are clear to bend/break them. For example, once you understand the difficulty of writing a relative of a canon character and how storytelling applies to the concept, you are clear to write a relative for a canon character.
-Don't give your characters inappropriate names like Sara Hakurei or Smith Morichika. Look up Japanese naming conventions here: [link]
-Don't be afraid to make Western-style youkai. Rumia, Letty (despite being a traditional snow woman youkai), and much of the SDM crew are good examples.
-Develop different characters for different types of series. The traits that go into an episodic character are different than that which go into a gag series character.
-You can be a half-whatever if you can give a logical explanation. The examples in Trap 2 are just to show multiple incarnations of the same person.
-It's acceptable to make a character similar to you, and you can even make a version of yourself that could survive in Gensokyo (a slightly more badass version of yourself), but you eventually reach a line between minor tweaking and pure wish fulfillment. Finding this balance depends on your storytelling abilities.
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Hello! :o I have an OC that is based on me, but in actual Gensokoyo (and not random walfas comics for fun) she isn't a human and... has nothing to do with this life at all. So not sure if she counts as a self-insert or a 'proper' OC. Depends if I'm talking about /the actual gensokoyo/ or just for fun. Backstory CAN be described smaller, but for the sake of this, I'll add in more details.

She is an avalerion, a species of bird that rules over all birds. There is only meant to be two every 60 years. However, not even avalerions are completely immune of defects and one of the eggs had TWO chicks. She was the weaker one, and since youkai, in human legends, tend to become youkai for reasons such as 'cats growing two tails', it isn't too farfetched to say that this strange happening would cause her to be a youkai. Not sure if that logic is safe or not...?

Since baby avalerions are raised by birds of other species, the birds got quite confused with the youkai. As soon as she could, she left the nest and hid away somewhere for the 60 years (perhaps longer?) and only left when she got a 'sudden urge to die' since 60 years had come to an end. As a youkai, she didn't have to die like her siblings did. She wasn't the king or queen of birds, and she was a full-blown youkai. It still upset her and caused her to leave her hiding spot.

Does that fall under tragic? No one died, and she wasn't ~emotionally scarred~, though she is a bit anxious with how others will judge her. She has no out of place powers, and is simply able to communicate (And control, if she wanted to?) to birds. Nothing else. I'm still worried she'll come across as too godly, due to being an anomaly. 

I'd like to think she'd live in or around Myouren Temple, since she'd try seeking out a place that would make her less anxious and more at peace with the world. Don't get me wrong, I love the temple too, but it does need some sort of explanation as to why she would stay around there rather than "COINCIDENCE" or "She likes some of the residents". I suppose both are true to an extent, though. She simply stumbled upon it and took interest in the temple, as well as some of the people who lived there- not to mention the peaceful air of the place to sooth her.

I know some of this sounds a bit over the top, but I decided it would be okay to have an avalerion since this IS Gensokoyo, the land of the strange things and mythical creatures. It also sounds a bit over the top because I wanted to add a bit more detail rather than "She was the abnormal third avalerion of a clutch, she hid away and only left 60 years later due to unrest." It CAN be explained like that, but for the sake of this I felt like I had to add a lot more detail.

Personality... She a very anxious little bird, and despite the fact she WANTS to be cheeky and mess with any passerbys with pranks or sending her bird-friends to swoop down on them, she's often too afraid to put good use to her plans. With friends, she can be too loud, and a little too affectionate, but as soon as one of them display any signs of annoyance she tends to grow meek again. She loves using Danmaku, but is terrible at dodging and tends to slam into the bullets out of panic. Because of this, she often tries to avoid Danmaku with anyone other than friends. So, her main personality weakness is her anxiety and her tendency to take everything the wrong way.

No official name, but for now she's known as Alerion, due to the fact that A: That's an alternate spelling for avalerion and B: Nue, Satori... Named after their species. If she did have a human-style name, it would have to be one that sounds like it would fit in Pakistan or surrounding areas.

This turned out to be a lot longer than I hoped. However, if anyone could tell me if anything sounds bad, I'd appreciate it.

Michel-SantAngelo Featured By Owner Jun 24, 2014
Ugh. I have a general idea for a 'Youkai of Voids/Zero', but aside from the appearance, personality and basic abilities, I have no idea what to do with them. They're not a blood relative or 'archnemesis' of any sorts, at least. In fact, I have no intention of having them preemptively acquainted with any canon characters.

A little worried about them being overpowered since there's a lot of cheap tricks they could pull off with that kind of power, too... Perhaps I'll have to think of some kind of nerf that limits their power.

If you'd be willing to help me work on them, send me a message. Thanks.
Spaztique Featured By Owner Jun 24, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Principle 11 should answer this: story trumps how powerful your character is. Your character may have tons of cheap tricks, but so can your characters' opponents. There's also Principle 4: give your character not just a strength (that affects other people), but a weakness (that affects other people). If your character has some cheap powers, but something to blunt their effectiveness like hubris, paranoia, or whatever, use it to balance the character. This way, you won't need to nerf anyone.

Besides, I've never seen nerfing work. Ever. All stories have a balance: the stronger the goodest good guy, the stronger the baddest bad guy must become. If the balance is off-kilter, like a character has too much ease in the story and the villains are too weak, it doesn't matter how much you nerf them if the storytelling is off: the weaker the overpowered hero, the weaker the underpowered villains become. I've seen situations where characters who had godlike powers were stripped of said godlike powers, yet was able to get away with anything they wanted without their powers because the writers didn't want them to lose/face conflict. I've also seen many great situations where characters were given cheat-like abilities, so the situations got worse to adapt to them, equaling the balance.

I'm thinking of maybe adding another principle: the principles are also useless if you do not practice. Test your character out in a few one-shots and get a feel for it. Naturally, you will receive criticism: use it. Nothing will give you experience more than using your bad reviews.
Michel-SantAngelo Featured By Owner Jun 24, 2014
Well after a few hours I managed to get some work done on some OCs... Could use some feedback.


Of course, I can't do much for Principle #11 right now, so bear with me.
SoraNightsky Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
argh! I'm having headache! Help me!
Spaztique Featured By Owner May 30, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
It's well-designed visually and the backbone is there, but I don't know whether or not it violates Principle #11 until I actually see her in action.
IndiePopek339 Featured By Owner Apr 28, 2014
Yomi-Hime Featured By Owner Apr 18, 2014
This's a nice OC guide! I can apply this for other series, right? :)
Spaztique Featured By Owner Apr 19, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Yep. I already did a non-series specific comment a while back.
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